About Ticket Addicts

Our purpose is a simple one; make listing your event and selling your tickets easy.

We have years of history within the music industry doing things such as creating events, hosting and promoting them so we are very aware of how complicated this process can be and we wanted to change that.  Thus the launch of Ticket Addicts.

Our process is a simple one;

  • Create an account
  • Upload your event
  • Create your online ticket
  • Add videos and pictures to your listing if you wish
  • Publish and share your event and then wait for the tickets to sell.

We have a full account management system so you can keep a close eye on sales at all times and who is attending your event.

Our fees are standard and are taken as an additional booking at point of sale so you lose no money on ticket price.  On completion of the event monies will be transferred direct to your bank account within 5 working days. And that is it!  As simple as that!

We hope you love ticket addicts as much as we do and thank you for using our service.